Since the state enforced the Natural Forest Protected Project and some other key forest projects, the forest resources in the operating area of 1.2million ha. have been protected effectively. The Group has completed the renewing forestration of 86,000 ha. The Group has nurtured ripe forest of 109,000ha. The Group has also established the bases of 18 thousand ha. of industrial raw materials. And either the forest area or the storage has increased steadily. The rate of the forest covering is up to 87.49%. The forest storage attains 166million cb meters. The biological diversity has been protected effectively and regained. The wild animal species and the storage of prestige forest are increasing every year. The forest environment is increasingly improved. The resources of forest land are well used, in which the bases of planting, breeding and cultivating over 10 thousand ha. have been built up . The annual output value of Chinese medicine herbs is 140million yuan and the annual output of forest food is over 100million yuan. Now we have built up two state-level forest parks that cover 540,000 hectares.

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