2006 is a special year for China Jilin Forest Industry Group Co.,Ltd., since that year is considered as the milestone for the development of the company. Through the reform of the property right, we changed the function of the company and the status of the staff, and also built a new stock company-- China Jilin Forest Industry Group Co.,Ltd. Standing at the new starting point of the history ,instructed by the Scientific Developing View and through the Activity of the Second Time Pioneering, the Group has defined the new strategy of persevering in Three Optimizations, developing Six Industries, cultivating Nine leading Enterprises, achieving Eight Targets. The Group plans to develop 1 million mu raw material forest of fast and high yield as the industrial materials,1 million cu metres merchantable timber ,1 million cb meteres man-made board .1 million tons Quanyangquan drinking products,1 million tons orest mineral products,1 million tourists receiving capacity, 10 million sq meters floorboard etc.. Taking the beginning of the 11th five-year Plan as the mark, Jilin Forest Industry Group Co.,Ltd has entered a new developing stage.

Persevering in Three Optimizations: The Optimization of the Ecology and Industry .The Optimization of System and Mechanism .The Optimization of Operating Management.

Developing Six Industries: Developing the forest operating industries by taking cultivating forest reserves and breeds as key products . Developing the meticulous treating profound processing of timber industries by taking man-made board and floorboard as key products, Developing the forest mineral resources and water and electricity industries as key products. Developing the forest food and medicine industries by taking mineral water developing traditional Chinese medicine herbs and the processing of special local forest products as the key products . Developing the forest eco-tourism industries by taking the construction of forest parks and forest tourism systems as the key industry. Developing the capital ,finance and bond estate supported by capital operation and finance bond.

Cultivating Nine Enterprises: Cultivating forest operating (group) companies supported by Eight Forestry Bureaus. Cultivating The Man-made Board (group)of the stock Company of JiLin Forest Industry Co., Ltd..Cultivating Jinqiao Timber (group)Company whose leading products is wood composite floorboard. Cultivating the mineral resource (group) company relying on their ironstone. Cultivating forest food ompanies relying on Quanyang Beverage Factory. Cultivating Jilin Forest Industry Tour(group) Company relying on eco-tourism of the Changbai Mountain. Cultivating Jilin Forest Industry Materials Company by upplying finished oil and forest goods and materials .Cultivating Jilin Forest Industry Import and Export Company relying on importing and exporting special forest products .Cultivating the finance company whose management pattern is capital operating.

Achieving Eight Targets: By the end of the 11th Five-year Plan,the achieving target of the forest gross output value will reach 10bn yuan , the total assets of the group 8bn yuan ,the main business income 5bn yuan, the net profit 200 million yuan , the industry added value 1bn yuan ,the average annual income of staff 20 thousand yuan ,the rate of forest covering 90%, the storage of the forest area 170 million cb meters.

According to the developing fix position ,the Activity of The Second Time pioneering of the Group will be realized in two steps.The first step is the strategy adjustment stage from now on to 2010, by taking Reforms and Innovation as driving force, and taking The Three Optimizations as the main thread . The Group will reinforce the main industries ,extend superior industries and cultivate new points of economic growth. The second step, in 2015 or longer period of time, is the fleetness develops stage. The estate layout , the industrial set-ups , the product mix , the property right structure will be all optimized. The Group will become a modern , international and comprehensive Forest industry group corporation with the structure optimizing , management scientifically and the beneficial result notable .

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